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New Song By Phony Ppl – Dialtone Mp3 Download. Phony Ppl Get Ready For Their “EUPHONYUS” Album With “dialtone.” Single.

Phony Ppl is a collective from Brooklyn that consists of members Elbee Thrie, Aja Grant, Matthew “MaffYuu” Byas, Elijah Rawk, and Bari Bass. They have returned with a new single titled “dialtone,” and they will be releasing their album EUPHONYUS later this month via 300 Entertainment.

Listeners were captivated by the single’s feel-good funk groove when it was featured as a teaser earlier this year on the fifth season of Issa Rae’s HBO sitcom, Insecure. If the track sounds familiar, it’s likely because it was featured on the show earlier this year.

Bari, who plays bass for the band, is responsible for drawing and creating the visually appealing video that was published alongside the song.

Phony Ppl said in a press release that the song “dialtone.” is essentially two distinct songs happening at the same time because the lyrics are written in a split screen format. “The reason” is the name of one song, and it’s about a person who realizes the distance between him and his beloved is only growing.

They proceeded by saying, “The other song, which is called “the impact,” is about a relationship that only exists in the imagination of the individual singing about it. In either case, something is definitely not right here! Did not waste money. Whatever the case may be, you should sig to the cause, whistle to the result, and dance to both of them at the same time.

Phony Ppl just recently disseminated their first musical offering of 2022, a song titled “Nowhere But Up,” as well as the music video that accompanies it. Both of these components are scheduled to appear on EUPHONYUS when it makes its debut on November 18th.

Another song that has already been released will be included on the upcoming album. It is titled “Fkn Around” and features Megan Thee Stallion. In its first week of release, it received one million plays. Fans will hear this song as well.

You can listen to “dialtone.” by Phony Ppl below on Apple Music or Spotify, and if you’re interested in hearing more R&B music, check out the latest version of our playlist, which is updated every week.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ooh, what’s a motherf*cka ‘spouse to do
When his girl is on the loose
He thought he had nothing to lose
And I might be a little f*cked up in the head, I think

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