Nef The Pharaoh Pays Homage To Mac Dre On New Track “Drought”


What is the dislike of the sound and psychedelics of the Bay Area? It was just like the vibe Pharaoh brought to his newest project, Mushroom & Coloring Books. It just went down and boasted some of Nef’s best works. One that stands out (beyond the singles that are already available) is “Drought.”

To give you an idea of ​​the kind of confidence and energy that Nef brought on this track, look no further from the start. The rapper opens “Drought” by comparing himself to the Bay Area legend, “I’m about the closest thing you will get to Mac Dre.” It follows its grandeur with charming hooks and delicate poetry. Beat also paid tribute to the roots of the Nef Bay Area as well. He knocked about his brother who was addicted to syrup during the dry season, but, Nef “can get it, what do you need?” Does he live up to the name Mac Dre? That’s for you to decide. Nef is clearly one of the hottest artists from Vallejo now. Look at the track below

Quotable Lyrics:

When them hot shells hit ya, paramedics come get ya
Fuck a V.P.D., Chopper kick like Jet Li
They gonna try to do you dirty if you look like me


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