A$AP Twelvyy Returns with Another New Track “Bill Collector”


A $ AP Twelvyy has just left a new track and you will definitely want to stream this. Soon, the theme of the song was clear. “Bill Collector” brought Twelvyy back to his days before fame. Immediately, the track gives off an aura of paranoia with repetition of phrases like, “Stop calling my cellphone,” “Hello?” And “How did you get my number?” The beats are quite easy but certainly charming; it’s okay if it’s not interesting. Twelvyy’s performance is clearly memorable. The flow of switches in the second half of the track is very impressive and helps you stay involved for two minutes and fifty two seconds of running time.

The artwork cleverly shows the song’s credit with a notice of late payment that lies on another paper. Here, fans will see other small easter eggs such as “My Last Year Being Broke” and “My First Year Being Rich” stickers. This is a song that fans will definitely appreciate. The song does not appear to directly refer to the recent arrest of A $ AP mafia member A $ AP Rocky. Earlier today, Rocky was formally convicted of assault by the Sweedish court.


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