Offset Cannot Avoid Cardi B From Its Mouth On Instagram PDAs Share


Offset and Cardi B had a difficult time at the beginning of their marriage when rapper Father Of 4 was caught playing with another woman, making Cardi break up with her. Many people in the industry advise Cardi to take Offset back but the rapper “Be careful” takes his own time to do what is best, eventually leading to Offset forgiving him and giving him another chance to prove what kind of man he can be.

Offset and cardi b
Image of Kevork Djansezian / Getty

The break proved to be a miracle for the duo who shared a one-year-old child together because they seemed to love more than before and were not afraid to show it. From Offset PDAs with posters of his wife, Cardi B tattoos about her husband, to constant praise from Offsets to prominent women and their PSAs to those who are thirsty for their wives, Offset and Cardi easily grow into one of the hottest hip hop couples.

TMI shares are not over yet, however, the last part of Cardi’s Instagram story sees the Offset thirst for his wife when he kisses her neck, her breasts, and even sucks her tongue at one point. Cardi just giggled while her husband hugged her like the others – see below.


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