Quavo is trapping Popeye chicken sandwiches for $ 1,000 each

Quavo’s response to Popeye and Chick-fil-A’s increasing hostility was to hoard their products for fear of lack of food. Of course, there are enough chicken sandwiches to share, but don’t say that to the founding members of Migos, whose latest sales plan is to sell Popeye from his suitcase at an inflation rate of $ 1000 per pop.

Chick-fil-A considers himself the originator of “chicken sandwich” on a corporate scale. So it makes sense that when hostilities begin, it’s because Popeye introduces a new “chicken sandwich” on their national menu. As you might hear, Popeye’s new addition has become a hit with customers so drive-through tellers have to rise to their windows for fear of rebellion.

Quavo on the other hand, is not too concerned with the risk factors posed by the crowd like zombies who pass him in the parking lot. Quite the opposite. Quavo wants to reignite the kind of arrangement he once had (or still maintains) with his friends. Instead of raising the price of admission considering its streaming number – Quavo is here to take advantage of the coming apocalypse while getting good, chicken shortages or not.

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