The Obamas’ Summer Playlist Features Drake, Rihanna, Lizzo & More


It was the year when Barack Obama flexed great tastes in art. Although initially a presidential tradition, since leaving the White House, Barack has been in the habit of sharing what he reads and listens to during winter and summer. After distributing his summer reading list last week, he is now back with a playlist curated for us. 44 songs cover a variety of genres and eras, such as the best playlists that are often performed.

So here’s a description of some playlist highlights. As Hillary Clinton did a few days ago, Barack proved that he was on time by inserting Lizzo tracks there, specifically “Juice”. He also tried to do this by including this year’s song, “Old Town Road (Remix)” Lil Nas X “, but lost a few points for not choosing the version with Young Thug. Other 2019 summer anthems performed, such as” Señorita “and” Con Altura “. Obama exposes himself as a boy behind by displaying” It’s A Vibe “,” Go Gina “, and” Dang! “, Even though they are all of course a summer vibe. He screams at his friends, Beyonce and Jay Z, by putting their two songs together, “MOOD 4 EVA” and “Shining”.

The rest you can see for yourself. Will you let Obama be your DJ?


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