D0WNLOAD MP3: Sosamann – Sauce to Drip Ft. Gunna

Sosamann -Sauce Eskobar 2

The Sauce Twinz are criminally neglected; I speculate it comes down to an instance of most loved kid disorder, according to the general population. Sosamann’s correct hand man Sauce Walka relentlessly discusses an “industry boycotting” on account of an irate God, who will stay anonymous. I’ll give you a chance to reach your very own decisions on the issue.

Albeit less candid, Sosamann shares the assessment with his riding accomplice. Neither individual from the Twinship is excited about hurling the banner on their imaginative yield. Truth be told, both Sosa and Walka balanced 2018 in profitable mold, the previous holding up ’til January to continue the approaching assault of material (sauce over-burden).

On “Sauce to Drip,” we discover Sosamann’s visitor demonstrating him adoration. Before, Gunna has given the Sauce Twinz some kudos for putting the articulation “Drip” into dissemination. In spite of the fact that he doesn’t introduce the subject transparently, Gunna’s concession to Sosamann on Sauce Eskobar 2 is affirmation in its very own right. Drip can and will be transported out of state, free-of-cost, inasmuch as H-Town gets a decent piece of social clout all the while. Credit to Gunna for keeping it 100, amidst a media power outage.

Quotable Lyrics:

I got a gun filled with hollow tips
Gotta trap, ain’t no way I could trip
You know my bitch like a stray dog on a pill
Half a mil up and I ain’t signed a deal
I can’t sip it if it ain’t come with a seal.

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